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Here are opportunities to take some actions that will
impact the community and h
elp Faye make a difference.

The photos below show Faye volunteering. You can find Faye volunteering at many different locations and for different organizations. Now Faye could use your help. Read below to find out ways you can volunteer for her campaign and fill out the form on the bottom of this page to let her know you are on board with Faye By-the-Bay for Board of Education Trustee 4 San Rafael City Schools. Thank you.
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Volunteerism is Faye's driving force. She volunteers packing care boxes at least once a month, not just for the photo-op! Yes, Faye has been volunteering for YEARS, long before she even thought of running for public office. Our schools need more people who are quiet workers. Too often we tell teenagers they "have" to volunteer to look good for college admissions. Maybe instead of telling students to go through the motions to pad a resume, we should just model good behavior and a commitment to public well-being in our own lives?

There are many ways to volunteer for Faye, from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events. Let us know how you can help by filling out the form at the bottom of this page:

hat can you do to help Faye?


  • Well, if you live in her trustee district you can vote for her on November 8th

  • If you don't live in her district, but you live near her district, you can display her sign on your lawn.

  • If you just want to spread the word about Faye and show her some positive support you can "like" her brand new Facebook page and share one of her posts. She's already gotten over 1,300 organic reaches on one of her posts about phonics.

  • If you feel like stepping up and volunteering for her campaign you can contact her.  Get on the "phone bank" list, or precinct walking list

  • If you are feeling really generous, you can vote with your dollars and donate ten or twenty dollars to Faye's campaign. Hey, Faye is running a shoe-string grass-roots campaign. Yard signs and buttons cost money. If we all pitched in and gave Faye just ten dollars she can afford yard signs and a mailer!

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Fun facts about Faye! Did you know Faye volunteers to pack care boxes for active duty servicemen and women overseas once a month? Beats a day at the gym for a cardio workout!

To request a lawn sign fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Click these images to view FAYE enjoying some of her own volunteer activities.
  • Faye Bourret for School Board
To Attend a ‘Meet & Greet’ , Volunteer, or Get a
Lawn Sign fill the form below! 
or Call Faye at 415-834-8082

Thanks for submitting!

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