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Faye by the Bay's Supporters

Faye's decades of service has brought her a long list of endorsements from Marin County citizens who have either worked with or, benefited from her work, or witness her positive impact in the community and

her involvement in projects on a state and national level.
Please join Faye's impressive list of supporters.

Hey, who wouldn't love Holly and Buttercup?
If they could vote they'd vote for Faye because Golden Retrievers love kids
and so should anyone on a school board.

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Because candidates are supposed to care about #dogs.


Bill Stephens

Elaine Wong
Jane Maushardt

Maria Aguilar
Kelly Shratter            

Dr. Lee Shratter

Cindy Eisenhower    

Charles Eisenhower

Jan Stephens

Robert Stephens

Elise Vitale             

Pam McCart

Donna Pfeiff           

Mary Grove             

Michelle Kralovec

Marie Marino

Frank Marino

Kit Mitchell-Ball

Dr. William Marek

Sangita  Moskow

Janine Pera

Denise Aubin

Maryam Karim

Richard Gallagher   

Jean Gallagher

Peter McDevitt

Tom Doub                 

Janet Doub

Jan Miller                  

Mia Camera

J.R. Nuerge

Ruth Holly

Paulette Borg                 

Chris Dunham

Lisette Dunham

Elinor Lacy

Mary Raub

David Raub

Chris Johnson

Linda Johnson

Tirrell Graham

Patricia Holzberg

Laureen Schneeberger

Nancy Nagle

Brian Nagle

Romisa Shakeriniasar

Saeid Shakeriniasar

Shadi Nojabaei

Mobina Shakeriniasar

Kevin Kiley

Barry Gilbert

Elaine Gilbert

Chris Baer

Rita Johnson

Rick Johnson

Jane Liston

Tom Liston
Dr. Natalia Stingley      

Joyce  Brown                 

Terry Avtonomoff

Nancy Abruzzo             

Melanie Swanson         

Derrick Main

Dr. Michael Harnett

Frank Drouillard

Jerry Thompson

Susie Morlock              

Diane Tallen

Terry Tallen

Phillip Downs, Sr.

Jack Wilkinson

Bruce Bernott

Bonnie Stevens

Jim Redsy

Michelle Ercolini

Fred Kist

Jay Kist                   

Sarah Nagle         
Marcia Ganeles

Andy Kislik, Esq.

George Saribalis

Trina Izing

Pat Derenzo      

Jerry Schultz

Anna Mae Maly

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