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MEET Faye By the Bay

New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Schools

About Faye

Faye Bourret moved to San Rafael 40 years ago with her husband and young daughter. They lived in the Dominican area and were parents in their local San Rafael Coleman School community. She served as a co-leader of her daughter’s Girl Scout troop # 1625, where the girls grew in their Brownie scout years to be great at cookie sales. They managed their earnings so that they could go camping at China Camp and later at Point Reyes.  Faye’s roots in community service and volunteering grew out of her 17 year membership in the Girl Scouts.


Faye worked as a Corporate Executive in finance and budgeting, building operations, human resources and training, information technology, marketing and was a small business owner providing long term care solutions to seniors. She followed her mother who was employed professionally in the Girl Scout organization. That is where and how her passion for community service and volunteering came to be a life-long thread.






During her working career and retirement Faye has focused her service energy on her women's group. She served on the Board since joining in 2005, served two terms as President, and is Newsletter Editor/Archivist. The group focuses on educating its members by bringing monthly speakers to Marin County to discuss local and state issues. Annually the group puts on a fundraiser to benefit disadvantaged children non-profits and active duty and veterans’ organizations. In 2022 the fundraiser is for New Day for Children, which rescues American girls from human trafficking and supports them in building a new life.


Faye will bring her passion for this issue to her campaign and highlight it as an issue of concern to school parents.


Faye's Volunteer Service 

Faye is an active volunteer with several organizations in the community. You can learn more about her participation on her Volunteer page. We hope she is an inspiration to you and that you will volunteer for her campaign to help her bring safety and sanity to the children in our schools. These are some of the organizations for which Faye volunteers:

  • Move America Forward – supporting active duty troops with care packages

  • Marin County Council of the Navy League of the United States – civilian supporters of the Sea Services

  • New Day For Children – rescuing children victims of sex trafficking

  • Citizens Against Homicide – supporting families of homicide victims

Move America Forward's mission is to send care packages to active duty troops. You can be a donor and donate money for a package to a Trooper or packages for a whole Platoon etc. If you have a Trooper that you would like to send a package to, you can order one on line to be sent to that specific Trooper. I did that when my nephew was in Kuwait. Many times a commander of a unit will order packages for the whole unit. That makes mail delivery day when they arrive very exciting for all the Troopers. All that is needed is that someone asks for a package to be delivered; a Trooper can even ask for a package for themself. Move America Forward takes care of the rest- gets donated goods or uses donated funds to purchase goodies, volunteers pack the boxes, put mailing labels on them, put them on pallets that the post office picks up.


Faye's Hobbies - Hiking

Fun facts about Faye.


Did you know Faye is an avid hiker? Marin County has over 20,000 miles of trails so Faye will never walk every mile. But she'll try. She'll bring the same energy and persistence to the board of trustees. Here she is climbing the ladder and among the trees at the Dipsea Trail.


Faye's Hobbies - Snow-Shoeing & Skiing

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 1.57.31 PM.png

Faye's Hobbies - Travel, Art & Museums

It’s the real thing at the museum in Paris.  Monet's Water Lilies! Ooh-la-la, the Louvre!

20180611_135442 (2).jpg

Faye's Hobbies - Boating, Flying & Nature

On a boat – are we having fun yet?  Flying - Math can lead you to a license to fly.

250IRGapOfDunloeUpperLakeBoat (2).jpg

    Faye Bourret was invited by San Rafael American Legion Post 37 to spend a day observing the summer session of California Boys State in Sacramento. California Boys State began in 1937 as a selective summer program of the American Legion, Department of California, which also offers a Girls State program. High-school students entering their senior year gather at Sacramento State University for a week to form their own State government, giving them hands-on experience in how government works. Our San Rafael high schools, both public and private, enthusiastically participate in the Girls and Boys State programs.


Faye's Photo Gallery


Faye's Events

Faye has been attending every local school board meeting on zoom during Covid and has become very close with some of the mothers of young children in her HOA and community at large. The last two years have been tough for a lot of families. Faye has been there when her neighbors needed her. And she wants to be there in future. Faye's already had two meet the candidate events in Marin. We invite you to Faye's next event. Faye is willing to answer hard questions in person. She's done her homework. She has volunteers who also do their homework.
Sign up to receive your invitation to Faye’s ‘Meet & Greet’ listed. A confirmation and the private location will be sent to you.



Every Sunday  - 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm. Meet and ‘Chat-by-the-Bay with Faye.’

Location: Andy’s Local Market patio, 75 Loch Lomond Drive, San Rafael, CA 94901


9/24/2022 Saturday, 4:30pm – 6:00 pm. ‘Meet & Greet Faye’ by invitation private event - Glenwood neighborhood

Fill in the form and request to be invited. Location will be sent with your confirmation.


10/02/2022 Sunday, 4:00pm – 6:00 pm  ‘Meet & Greet Faye’ by invitation private event – Dominican neighborhood

Fill in the form and request to be invited. Location will be sent with your confirmation.

10/09/2022 Sunday, 4:30pm – 6:00 pm  ‘Meet & Greet Faye’ by invitation private event – Loch Lomond neighborhood

Fill in the form and request to be invited. Location will be sent with your confirmation.


October 2022 - Watch here for new events being scheduled in October in your neighborhood.

Receive notification of our next event and to receive other information regarding Faye's campaign

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